Sketching Challenges

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Recently I've been spending some time on Facebook. It took me forever to finally set up an account - and now that I have one I've found an amazing tool there - GROUPS.

I've joined a number of Facebook artists groups. and they are SO MUCH fun!! The challenges are uplifting and very enjoyable.

This week it seems that two groups I'm in are hosting challenges having to do with sketching. While I don't have any charcoal at the moment - I pulled out my artists graphite pencils and gave it a whirl. It was very interesting because I've never done sketching before. The most sketching i've done is a light pencil outline ala Suzi Blu or Ady Almanza.

The sketch took me about 45 minutes initially. It looked like this:

While I was fairly happy with this first effort - the wonkiness of her facial structure bothered me. It looked like someone had hit er in the face or something to me. LOL

Later today I played with it a bit more, did a bit more shading, erased some lines... here she is now:

I like her! I'm now wanting to add a bit of paint - but with it being so graphite heavy I know it'll smear and get icky. I think I'll leave well enough alone!