Let it Snow...

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So, i live here in TX - there's no snow here right now. In fact we had a high of 72 yesterday.

Don't hate me...lol

But I am a native NY'er, where it gets cold cold and so because i was feeling VERY festive and wanted a little Holiday weather

And because i needed to practice a doll in Adriana's style

AND... because Willowing's art challange this month is "Girl and dear" (Thanks darling q for giving me a heads up!)

And lastly - because adding a bit of sparkle to a picture is a perfect way to add a bit of zing to the day...

New dolls...

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So i've begun taking Adrianas class. i havent even seen the first Video but just from 2 pdf's i've gotten this far...

I'm amazed at the huge difference just from that small amount of lessons. I'm looking forward to continuing this class I think I'll learn a lot!

In Laughter and Awe,

Oh...more art!

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As i was looking through my photos and came across some other pics of art that i never posted here. In part because some of them were gifts and in part because i was plum forgot!

Here they are!


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Goood morning...i know i know...i've been so absolutely HORRID about updating this blog! So sorry!!

i'll do better, i promise! Especially now that things have slowed down for me travel wise...

A few art related glitches have happened as well...

One: i came home and my step daughter had decided to "clean up" my art area. Yes...i can hear the collective gasps from my fellow artists out there...LOL Okay, So some of my beloved Sakura Microns are missing... i will not freak out...but i haven't found those 4 pens yet.

Two: My Prismacolor white pencil is missing as well. I'm not going to wait for that one (i can't!!) so a trip to the art store is in order!

Anywho without further ado, here is La Sirenita! she's my first attempt at a Adriana Almanza style face. i was watching a tutorial and wanted to see how far i could get with a 3 min. tutorial. Not bad for a first effort i suppose, but i am looking to sign up for her class to perfect the technique!

This is her in process.

This is her completed... what do you think?

In Laughter and Love!,


Art Heart and Healing Week one

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This is the art i've been working on in the last week. i've been doing Art Journal spreads with Willowing.org (Tam). They are a lot of fun. Here's what i've worked on last week.

Okay so my thoughts. i am enjoying working with this new (for me) medium of watercolor crayons. They work up more quickly than using pencils as i usually do. This means i can finish a piece more quickly which is wonderful for art journal pages. Besides this i can't say i've learned any new techniques. Still i'm enjoying the process ...and i plan to have some pieces on canvas board ready to have prints made soon!


Work of Art - Challenge 8/4/10

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Work of Art was quite amazing this week! i was so excited to see that Abdi stayed but saddened that Nicole left :( (Honestly i prefered her work to Peregrines)

This weeks Challenge is in the Theme of "Nature"

Let her be your muse and use some items from nature to inspire and as actual components in your piece.

Most importantly let the work speak to your Soul, and let your Soul and connection with Self speak through your work.

Have Fun!!

In Laughter, Light and Lustiness!!


Work of Art - Challenge 7/28/10

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In this weeks work of Art they took on duality and opposing concepts. I thought it might be fun for us as Artists to take on the same theme.

So if you feel inclined choose an opposing theme. Create your work of art in that theme and post a link to your blog here! Also link to this post so other artists might participate in this project!

Some potential opposing themes:

Heaven - Hell
Light - Dark
Pain - Pleasure
Master - slave
Order -Chaos
Feel free to also list those you come up with!!

i will add my work for this challenge sometime in the next week!


New Art!

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I've been having issues with my ancient computer and have finally gotten it to speed up a bit so I can post some pictures of my recent work.

This is a "goddess" small piece that I did for a swap on swap-bot.

This is a covered and artistic box that I created for another swap on swap-bot. It was a great deal of fun and I look forward to having some of these on my etsy store in the near future.

This is an ATC that has been created as Part of the Nightblooming Flower Series I'm working on.
Feel free to comment!!

Gypsies and Goddesses...

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So what have I been working on in this last month or so?

Gypsies and Goddesses!!!

I am a mixed media artist. Blending various mediums and forming one complete work in layers upon layers resonates for me. Here are two pieces I've worked on this last month. hopefully more to come!!

Art Journal...

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I have begun to work on my Art Journal courtesy of Suzi Blu. If you don't know who she is - she's an absolutely PHENOMENAL artist/teacher who is quirky, charismatic, funny and adorable...in short she's fey! LOL

The Journal prompt is currently "Congratulate and Celebrate" wherein you list things that you congratulate yourself for and celebrate yourself. This one is not quite done (like most art it's a work in progress) but here is where I am with it!

I encourage you to try this exercise... recognize and honor your own Magnificence!!!

In Joy,

Artist's Creed

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This was shared on a forum I'm a member of and I thought it might be inspiring and encouraging for all of us creative folk. Tape it up somewhere to remind you to honor your Muse...honor yourself!!

Sari Love!!!

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I LOVE sari's! Absolutely and completely! It was such fun to take take a vintage sari in all it's scrumptious ethereal-ness... and wrap it around a lovingly picked out journal for a friend. I wanted the journal to contain a bit of the Wabi-Sabi...the beautifully imperfect, because this is the message of the Universe that appears to me right now. The journal came out just as I envisioned it- it seems to whisper that it is full of secrets, mystery and things that might otherwise be forgotten...hidden things. I may make more of these to tell on the etsy store!

New Blog -Creativity Lives here!!

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As I've embarked on this wonderfully scrumptious creative endeavor and business I've decided to start a blog that is focused solely on my creative endeavors. This may be fabric, paper, art, body products etc; This is the blog for my bliss and my business also by the same name. http://etsy.desiredthingz.com/

Some may wonder at the title of this blog. What is meant by Desired Thingz? One of my favorite written works is the Desiderata - desiderata is Latin for "Desired Things". The work (not quite poem, or essay...work being the term that seems to fit best) is all about the creation and experience of a life of balance, one's own truth and beauty. Creativity for me is all about the manifestation of those things and the ability to inspire others and give to them a taste of Living and not merely existing.

I hope you enjoy this trip down the rabbit hole with me!!