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Goood morning...i know i know...i've been so absolutely HORRID about updating this blog! So sorry!!

i'll do better, i promise! Especially now that things have slowed down for me travel wise...

A few art related glitches have happened as well...

One: i came home and my step daughter had decided to "clean up" my art area. Yes...i can hear the collective gasps from my fellow artists out there...LOL Okay, So some of my beloved Sakura Microns are missing... i will not freak out...but i haven't found those 4 pens yet.

Two: My Prismacolor white pencil is missing as well. I'm not going to wait for that one (i can't!!) so a trip to the art store is in order!

Anywho without further ado, here is La Sirenita! she's my first attempt at a Adriana Almanza style face. i was watching a tutorial and wanted to see how far i could get with a 3 min. tutorial. Not bad for a first effort i suppose, but i am looking to sign up for her class to perfect the technique!

This is her in process.

This is her completed... what do you think?

In Laughter and Love!,