Points of Two -Week 1

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Greetings, Link

A close friend - Euphaeidae, and I have decided to embark on this fabulous project together called "Points of Two" This project was originally started by RobinMarie and Kira over here

While I found out about it far after it was over, Mimi and I thought it would be awesome to work on this together as our art styles are pretty different.

This weeks prompt used the Story Spinner Online . Our task was to use it to create a story within 10 minutes and then use the story in our Art Journal pages. Such fun!!

Euphaeidae's take on this same prompt can be found here.

My prompt:

Setting: On a deck
Starting Phrase: I remember biting into...
4 Words that must be used: wingtips, swiss cheese, drop out, forever more

Since the way my Journal Page is constructed does not allow for the story to be read here it is:

"I remember biting into a piece of fruit, juicy and sweet as I sat on the deck of the yacht observing those around me. sometimes the stillness of observation brings it's own meditative state. The pretentious gentleman standing not far from me with greasy hair and wingtips on his feet, the blue haired lady noisily snacking on swiss cheese and crackers, the teens looking bored and jaded (already?) discussing the merits of being a drop out. All of these souls surround me their karma and auras briefly brushing past one another and yet not every truly touching, and I a inspired forever more to pay attention - to touch - to feel to smell and taste - and so I do, taking another exquisite bite of fruit with my eyes closed and my heart wide open. I am spell bound, mesmerized by the intensity of taste. I allow myself to be transported without seeking to control the experience- I am in Love, inside of it and every molecule of flavor within the succulence of this fruit gives testimony to the joy and ecstasy of True Love as it melts on my tongue. Each taste bude a note in the song my mouth sings, the enrapture of something so simple and yet so sublime being a present expression of what it is to consume love - Literally"