Points of Two Week 2

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Our week two take on the PoT project is using the theme of bubblewrap! Thankfully I didn't pop all of the bubble wrap that I had from all of our wedding gifts (I resisted the temptation!) and I still had some left over to play with in an art journal spread. LOL

Mimi's Take of this theme is here: A Flutter of Wings

My take on the theme was to use some of the paper towels I colored some months back over random graffiti words- however I found that unless you use the VERY thin (read: cheap) paper towels you will not get the transparency you need to see behind them. They still made a rather pretty background though. The only word that really showed up was "Laughter" which is very apropos as a descriptor to the joy i feel as i go through Life. i chose a magazine image of a girl laying down and added gesso and some water soluble crayons over it, then a used sand paper over that. I liked the roughness of the texture. Over allIi just let it flow without any real "plan" to this piece. It was fun and good to try out new techniques!