Sari Love!!!

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I LOVE sari's! Absolutely and completely! It was such fun to take take a vintage sari in all it's scrumptious ethereal-ness... and wrap it around a lovingly picked out journal for a friend. I wanted the journal to contain a bit of the Wabi-Sabi...the beautifully imperfect, because this is the message of the Universe that appears to me right now. The journal came out just as I envisioned it- it seems to whisper that it is full of secrets, mystery and things that might otherwise be forgotten...hidden things. I may make more of these to tell on the etsy store!

New Blog -Creativity Lives here!!

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As I've embarked on this wonderfully scrumptious creative endeavor and business I've decided to start a blog that is focused solely on my creative endeavors. This may be fabric, paper, art, body products etc; This is the blog for my bliss and my business also by the same name.

Some may wonder at the title of this blog. What is meant by Desired Thingz? One of my favorite written works is the Desiderata - desiderata is Latin for "Desired Things". The work (not quite poem, or being the term that seems to fit best) is all about the creation and experience of a life of balance, one's own truth and beauty. Creativity for me is all about the manifestation of those things and the ability to inspire others and give to them a taste of Living and not merely existing.

I hope you enjoy this trip down the rabbit hole with me!!