Points of Two - Week 3

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So we decided to use some additional prompts in our Points of Two Project to add a layer of depth to our art journaling and keep it interesting. In that vein we've begun using prompts from the amazing 52 pages . I admit that I really love these prompts. Because I tend to look at the world through the lens of Spirituality and combine that with my Relationship focus - having prompts that easily relate to "Woo" works for me.

This weeks prompt was "Acknowledge" - i love the depth of meaning in that one little word. To Acknowledge something is to accept the existence or truth of something, to recognize the importance or quality of a thing. To confirm gratitude for something and to greet with words or gestures. When I really began to contemplate and meander on it I realized that to Acknowledge my LIFE is a great asset. I live a life that is frankly amazing even to me - the depth and beauty and love that is resonant is profound. This spread is about that Acknowledgement - placed on the page as a written incantation - and so it is!
Mimi's Take on this prompt can be found here when she posts it!